Michael Fassbender


The cast of Private Practice is bouncing back just fine.

Kate Walsh has Bad Judge coming to NBC this fall.  Amy Brenneman is shining on HBO’s Leftovers, which has recently been renewed. Paul Adelstein seems right at home as Leo Bergen on Scandal.

Taye Diggs starred in TNT’s new summer show, Murder in the First. It seems he has a new fall gig as well. Diggs starring alongside Julianna Marulies, is hanging up his scrubs and headed to the courtroom. He will appear in at least five new episodes in CBS’s The Good Wife.


You Are Not You

Hillary Swank never ceases to amaze me. 

How one can watch this trailer and not tear up is beyond me. Swank stars as a pianist who becomes terminally ill and is now in need of a caregiver. Emmy Rossum’s character lands the job and the excitement begins. This story of tragedy, friendship, love, and starting over is perfect for the holidays.

This movie may even secure Swank a nomination for another gold statue to grace her mantle. Honestly I only see Resse Witherspoon being her main competition, but I guess we will have to see this fall.

The secret weapon in this movie is Emmy Rossum. Our favorite Gallagher is finally finding HER stride among the sea of talent in young Hollywood. Starring beside Swank will only enhance her craft. 

I will definitely be in line for this.


I hope EVE gets back into acting full time.


Red is really an OG in the game


This ladies and gentleman is the highest paid TV star 

Rock on Judge Judy!!


 well put

all I do is shrug when I see her….I just don’t get it either


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Get To Know The Scandal Cast:

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